How To Market Your First Book

How To Market Your First Book: Book Marketing Tips To Help You Sell More Books On Amazon


Learn how to supercharge your book marketing efforts as a first time author and sell more books!Are you thinking about writing a book and want it to be successful upon release? Have you released your first book and now you’re frustrated because it isn’t selling and you don’t know how to market a book? Here’s the simplest, most effective way to get publicity and market your book without hiring a marketing team, and without using a single marketing tactic that makes you feel uncomfortable.

The book marketing book written with the first time author in mind!As a newbie author, your challenges are going to be different than that of an established author. And don’t let anyone tell you differently! Think about it… you’re finding your target audience from scratch, while your competition has thousands of adoring fans clamoring for their books. And that’s why you need to strategize in a way that gives you a marketing boost!

How To Market Your First Book will help you to:

  • Set your book up correctly on Amazon so you can sit back and let them do some of the work!
  • Strategize your book title, book cover and book description so that you gain visibility!
  • Get rid of those book marketing tactics that simply make you uncomfortable!
  • Integrate traditional marketing tactics so that you are getting readers offline too!
  • Learn how to market your book on social media, no matter the platform!
  • And much more!

Order today and put all that time-saving information right in your hands so you can start your book marketing off right!

Purchase your copy for only $2.99!

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